Dr. Ratan Lal Basu

Dr. Ratan Lal Basu Correo
Presidency College, Calcutta & University of Calcutta, India

Dr. Ratan Lal Basu is a Ph. D. in Economics (on Arthasastra of Kautilya).

He is a prolific writer – Fiction, Indology, Ancient History, Economics, International Relations, Espionage, Scientific Interpretation of Religious & Mythological Texts, Yoga and Tantra Cult,

He is an Alumnus of Presidency College, Calcutta & University of Calcutta.

He retired as Reader in Economics & Teacher-in-charge of a govt. sponsored college and joined IIMS (Kolkata)-AIS, New Zealand Cross Credit Program as Principal. He is the Treasurer of Bengal Economic Association.

He is an invited author on Indology of ‘Cosmopolis’, the bi-lingual (French & English) journal associated with the Encyclopedia jointly sponsored by the governments ofCanada&Belgium.

He is associated as an author with ‘The Culture Mandala’ the journal of Bond University, Australia.  He is one of the most notable critiques of the concept of Human Development Index (HDI)